Time stack

Just when I thought I had seen it al

.. Macro, timelapse, star trails, street photography and long exposure, Matt Molloy does something I haven’t seen before.

When I found Matt Molloy – a photographer from Canada – on Flickr, I thought it was another random dude that mirrors a lot of photo’s to make it look specials. Well he does. He also uses a time lapse photos in order to lay them over in photoshop. You get this paint -like idea!

His portfolio is enormous and every page is a surprise – time stacking, milky ways, time lapses of the Niagara waterfalls and mirrored forests. His older work is way different, could be artwork for an album of slipknot. You can find almost 40 pages of artwork here.

I am impressed of the results of this time stack technique. The result is a dreamy image, and people wondering whether it is a painting or photograph.

“Once I made a few star trail images, I wondered why I’ve never seen this technique used on daylight timelapses. So I tried it. And after a little tweaking here and there, I was astounded by the resulting images! They are kind of like a super long exposure, showing a large chunk of time in a single image, which is very much like the Impressionist movement that some clever painters came up with around the year 1870.”

If you want to try something out, check out his youtube channel. You can also check out this tutorial. It’s something I’ll try these days because it looks amazing!

All those images belong to Matt Molloy
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