thru city lights

a 'how to' tutorial about this video for phonophanatic

Here’s a video I made with deeB for his newest album. What we did was putting some carton in front of the lens with a 1.8 f stop. You can do this in any shape, the light will fall on the sensor in that shape and you’ll get some great bokehJapanese for blurriness. , this is great for video but also for photo’s.

So what do we need?

  • Camera
  • Lens, 1.8 F stop or lower
  • Carton or black plastic
  • A knife or scissors
  • A rubber band

See the pictures below to see how we did it.

10846454_848215268551343_3033748071997926406_n 10518835_848215288551341_6431716983155577288_n 10858559_848215311884672_8067423278174025963_n