double exposure

2 or more shots in one.

Here I want to post something about a cool feature, sometimes ‘in camera’, named double exposure. It is a photographic technique that combines 2 different images into a single image, originally found by ‘mistake’. Back in the day of film cameras the process of taking double or multiple exposures was very simple, which was taking the next exposure without rewinding the film.. That’s double exposure.

White in photography represents burned out data, all the light fell on the film and it’s gone. Once you burn part of your image to the max that part is gone forever. You will not be able to bring it back nor overlay anything over (naturally) .

Black represents the exposure not taking place at all. Which is perfect for overlaying the second exposure. Black parts of the image are still virgin (unexposed) and the second exposure will fill those parts with substance. Obviously black and white are on the separate ends and there are all other values and colors in between.

My canon 6D can do double exposure in camera and add up to 9 exposures. You can find how, on Sara Byrne’s youtube channel.

You can also do this in photoshop, more information here. I really like this tutorial, because it really looks like film and is easy to do.

header image by brandon-kidwell