deeb, beatmaker from the Netherlands

great beats, check this out

Beatmaker from Leiden, the Netherlands. His name is Danny and I know this guy for a while now. He always surprised me with his fresh beats, his love for 3d animation and he’s always a great inspiration while making music.

Presenting his newest album ‘a day in the city’ . With already an amazing review on Netlablism, saying:

The first rays of a new day reach over the horizon and stretch themselves across the trees, the roads, the houses, and finally the high-rises of a metropolis. A city awakens, and we awaken with it.

A mellow – almost melancholy – vibe is carried throughout the album with each successive track emphasizing in its own way different aspects of this city’s downtempo vibe.

I couldn’t agree more.

You can find more of his work on his soundcloud.



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