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a day in the city

great beats you should buy!

“A mellow – almost melancholy – vibe is carried throughout the album with each successive track emphasizing in its own way different aspects of this city’s downtempo vibe.” – netlabelism.comthe label’s 6th release brings instrumental hip hop vibes from the underground. You can find this album on bandcamp, and also buy a CD with a photo […]

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one of the most talented producers in Holland

A few weeks ago I met Nick 24 years old, a beatmaker from Rotterdam, originally from Zealand. This Dutch fella is making beats for about 11 years now and rocking hard. He’s with the Darker than Wax label now and he makes cool hiphop, house and ambient.

deeb, beatmaker from the Netherlands

great beats, check this out

Beatmaker from Leiden, the Netherlands. His name is Danny and I know this guy for a while now. He always surprised me with his fresh beats, his love for 3d animation and he’s always a great inspiration while making music. Presenting his newest album ‘a day in the city’ . With already an amazing review on […]


music from all over the world

beatmakers, originally from Holland, now you can find their beats and beat makers from all over the world. Starting with some hip-hop and drum and bass / jungle parties, ending with amazing albums, called boxbeats. Now making short video clips about the artists, called boxershorts. You gotta love these guys and I am proud to work with them! You can also find them on bandcamp and download albums for fre