Nieuwe collega.

the Phantom 4 Pro

Zo. 13e maand was binnen en ik wilde al een tijdje een drone kopen. Drone aangeschaft en een dag later al binnen. Gelijk gevlogen natuurlijk, alleen waren de omstandigheden niet echt ideaal te noemen. Erg koud, vochtig, waanzinnig veel wind en amper zon. Toch een aantal vette foto’s en video’s kunnen maken. Enkele foto’s kan […]


stills moving

Cinemagraphs are still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs. Cinemagraphs, which are published in either animated GIF format or as video, can give the illusion that the viewer is watching a video. They are commonly produced by taking a series of photographs or a video recording, and, using image editing software, compositing […]

Vote for me?

thank you so much

Hi folks. I am into a photography competition from the Netherlands, and I need your help! I am at the second place  at the moment and there are thousands of photo’s so far. I need to keep up, so I need your vote! It says ‘Stemmen’. You can vote on this photo, here:

Time stack

Just when I thought I had seen it al

.. Macro, timelapse, star trails, street photography and long exposure, Matt Molloy does something I haven’t seen before. When I found Matt Molloy – a photographer from Canada – on Flickr, I thought it was another random dude that mirrors a lot of photo’s to make it look specials. Well he does. He also uses […]

a day in the city

great beats you should buy!

“A mellow – almost melancholy – vibe is carried throughout the album with each successive track emphasizing in its own way different aspects of this city’s downtempo vibe.” – netlabelism.comthe label’s 6th release brings instrumental hip hop vibes from the underground. You can find this album on bandcamp, and also buy a CD with a photo […]

double exposure

2 or more shots in one.

Here I want to post something about a cool feature, sometimes ‘in camera’, named double exposure. It is a photographic technique that combines 2 different images into a single image, originally found by ‘mistake’. Back in the day of film cameras the process of taking double or multiple exposures was very simple, which was taking […]

Moods, beatmaker

one of the most talented producers in Holland

A few weeks ago I met Nick 24 years old, a beatmaker from Rotterdam, originally from Zealand. This Dutch fella is making beats for about 11 years now and rocking hard. He’s with the Darker than Wax label now and he makes cool hiphop, house and ambient.

bolt hight speed cinebot

4k video, 1000 frames per second. this is what you get!

What would you do if you had a couple of days with the Bolt High Speed Cinebot and a Phantom flex 4K camera capable of shooting at 1,000 Frames per second? The creative geniuses at Forsberg and Stiller Studios tried everything they could think of and we think the results are rather spectacular

How To Connect With Anyone

This isn't your average staring contest.

Studies say that 4 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact can increase intimacy. To test this this theory out, they brought in six pairs in different stages of their relationship and had them try it. How do you stay connected? Very interesting video, worth seeing.

thru city lights

a 'how to' tutorial about this video for phonophanatic

Here’s a video I made with deeB for his newest album. What we did was putting some carton in front of the lens with a 1.8 f stop. You can do this in any shape, the light will fall on the sensor in that shape and you’ll get some great , this is great for video but […]

deeb, beatmaker from the Netherlands

great beats, check this out

Beatmaker from Leiden, the Netherlands. His name is Danny and I know this guy for a while now. He always surprised me with his fresh beats, his love for 3d animation and he’s always a great inspiration while making music. Presenting his newest album ‘a day in the city’ . With already an amazing review on […]