a day in the city

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“A mellow – almost melancholy – vibe is carried throughout the album with each successive track emphasizing in its own way different aspects of this city’s downtempo vibe.” – netlabelism.comthe label’s 6th release brings instrumental hip hop vibes from the underground.
You can find this album on bandcamp, and also buy a CD with a photo I made on it. We also made a video a while ago. This album is another product of deeB, co-founder of phonophanatic.

netlabelism.com said:

The first rays of a new day reach over the horizon and stretch themselves across the trees, the roads, the houses, and finally the high-rises of a metropolis. A city awakens, and we awaken with it.

The new EP from Dutch artist Danny van den Hoek, a.k.a. deeB, tells us “the exciting story of [this] city and all its people.” It opens with a slowly strummed guitar, gently pressed piano keys, the tinkle of chimes, a subtle beat, and hints of turn-tablism. As the opener “Intro (feat. Noumenom)” gets underway, we sample more of what is to come, trumpets, trippy digital manipulations, and increasingly prominent drums.

 Make sure you check it out!


deeb cd cover